Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dis Boy Love That Left Over Roast Beef

I promise this won't turn into "Hey Look at the New Funny Video I Found On the Internets" Blog. But this is too funny not to post.

Thanks to IDon'tLikeYouInThatWay for the link

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back on the Block

Sorry Internet. I've been gone for a minute now I'm back again. I've been off in the mysterious orient for my real job (as a spy) and am slowly readjusting back to civilian life which of course means new posts on a semi-regular basis. And to kick it off:

And if you need something to look at until tomorrow, my favorite sites:
The Superficial
Sam's Club Auctions
Deal Hack

And Last but Not Least Probably the funniest thing on the whole of tyhe world wide webs

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Monkey Flying a Spaceship

This is the greatest online game since Yetisports.

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Shocks. Pegs. Lucky!

As you probably noticed, the original release of the Napoleon Dynamite DVD was lacking in what we in the entertainment industry like to call "extras." Well, if you were missing them or just need an excuse to spend another 20 bucks, here's a new extras-laden release of the classic.

If you need to practise for next year's Derby, those crazy bastards at Geekologie have just the thing for you...

In Other News, I need to go to New Orleans. You gotta love a city that comes out of tragedy with a party.

Also, my idols at Uncrate continue to fuel my obsession for Skull Jewelry.

Looks like we have to wait a little longer for the MacBook(sans Pro).

And finally, why didn't we get a ginormous TV when we won a national championship?? I hate these guys.

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Take a Note

Get it? Cause this post is about music. Notes. Ah, that's good stuff people.
Where to even start with all the new music you should be listening to?

First, the Jack White side project, the Raconteurs, has released a single. You should listen to it. Also, it's free. (these are all iTunes Links, which will launch iTunes.)

Also, if you're into this kind of thing, Andrea Bocelli's new CD is remarkable. If you listen to it and don't want to make out with whatever is nearest you, animate or otherwise, you have no soul.

Super sexy former Social Scener Feist (does that count as alliteration? I love alliteration) has released a new single. Love it and hope the new album holds up.

Joshua Radin is like emo rock for grown ups, kind of. Ok wait that's a bad analogy. But anyway he's got a haunting voice but it's still kind of calming, so you'll either love it or hate it. And I don't want to hear a word from Snow.

Sleepy Brown has a new single with Pharrell and Big Boi and it's pretty sick. If you think the Neptunes overproduce to the point of killing a song, this is a refreshing change for you.

And finally The Man has released a selection called Harry on Broadway Vol 1, which is actually a double disc featuring songs form the show Harry's in now (which I'm determined to see) The Pajama Game featuring hottie costar Kelli O'Hara, who you may remember from The Light on the Piazza. Or you may not. The other side of the disc is from Harry's ill fated show Thou Shalt Not and even though the show bombed, the music is legit.

And finally finally, here's hilarious comic Aries Spears doing impeccable impressions of LL, DMX, Hova, and the Reverend. This is amazing.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Next Level

I realize I'm a little bit obsessed. But you've got to give it to the machine around LOST. I'm not even going to comment on what happened in this week's episode. What I'd like to talk about is the commercial that aired during said episode for the Hanso Foundation. It looked just like another commercial but its another step into the looking glass of the extra-lost world. The phone number in the commercial (1-877-hansorg) leads to a series of bizarre voicemail messages and apparently there's a password hidden in it that works somewhere on the web site of the Hanso Org to reveal even more secrets of the island. This show has broken every rule of marketing primetime TV and I'm eating it up. Check out the website and call the number. Just don't blame me when you don;t do anything else for the next couple of hours. Also that picture of Evangeline Lilly has nothing to do with this post, but she's pretty.

Also, will someone please go to Cambodia with me? That offer via the Starwood Group's new blog The Lobby. I'm not sure how I feel about corporate blogs that mingle news, opinion and shilling in the sanctity of the bloggosphere, but I'll think about it more clearly after this cool drink of Coca Cola. Coca Cola, the choice of a new generation. But they do have some great deals on their properties.

In other news there's a new trailer for Superman Returns and I'm pretty sure it's catapulted this movie into my must see list for Summer 06.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life isn't Fair, it's Just Fairer Than Death

Johnny Cash and legendary Producer Rick Rubin (some of you young'uns may know him as the guy with the beard from "99 Problems") collaborated on more than 60 recordings and Rubin has decided to release the final two records that those sessions yielded.
Not only is this great news for music and great news for Johnny Cash fans, myself included, it's perfectly fitting into the Man in Black's MO that Rubin didn't release all these recordings to tie in with marketing for Walk the Line. Too cool. [Via Buzzpatrol]

In Other News, I know you probably think I'm decked out Varvatos 24/7 and sport that Audemars Piguet with the alligator strap, but truth be told, I love Target. And thanks to the hackers at Dealhack you can get 10% off your entire online order now through the end of May. Just click the link and click though to Target and it will automatically deduct 10% from your order. And lots of things are free shipping right now, so bonus.

Ever have a Love/Hate relationship, like mine with MySpace and Papa John? This Tshirt is perfect.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Felicity Impossible

Ok. I might go see this movie now. Tom and Xenu notwithstanding, Felicity is all growns up! Plus, you throw in Simon Pegg (From Shawn of the Dead) and the fact that it's JJ Abrams, who produces Alias and Lost (he also produced Felicity) and baby you got yourself a stew! Um, I mean you might have a movie worth spending $7.50 on.

She's just almost painfully hot. Thanks to Egotastic for the pic. They have lots more.

And in other news, to follow up on that post about BSS, I once again humbly bow to the genuis of the Goldenfiddle for this video of Super Sexy Feist.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

For Real. And Pharrell.

For Real. See this is why 10% of the StudentBody votes in student government elections. Guess what. You're in college! Lighten up! "Who paid for the air?" I will say there were some cool cats in govt when I went to school, but across America, it's an epidemic of non-funny people thinking they're much more important than they really are. Man I bet this guy would look at a shaving cream fight and call the people 'vandals.' Oh SNAP from the way back. Holla if you hear me!

In Other News, Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes and N.E.R.D. and producer extraordinaire and fashion icon and skate board b, is designing new bling for LV.

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Gadgets Gadgets Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

This may come a shock to some of you, but I like electronics. I'm in the weird gray level between the guy who hasn't learned how to set the time on his VCR and the h4x0r who cracked the IRS D-Base. I mean I don't really know more than what I read on the internets, but that being said, here are a few of my favorite new must have gadgets...
First, most of you know my favourite movie is "Over the Top" but can you imagine how much cooler it would have been if the loser of each arm-wrastlin match got the crap shocked out of him? That's what this contraption does.
Also from the sexy bastards at Geekologie is this 7 inch LCD in a headstone. This way you can leave a video of yourself for loved ones who visit your grave. Or if you're me, you leave Over the Top playing on a loop.
And in other slightly creepy news, Apple is apparently planning a display that can see you. They say it's for video conferencing and the like, but basically it's just inching us closer and closer to world domination by our future robot overlords. So, you know, cool.
In Not really related at all news, AOL is planning to launch their own social networking site to take MySpace head on, which is also the purported name of the site. Which is weird. BUT since MySpace sucks and is probably not all its cracked up to be financially my money's on AOL to win big in this one. But then again I thought MiniDiscs would be a sure thing and that that guy who thought he was Ray Charles would surely win American Idol.. so grains of salt and all that...
In video game news, Graphic-tastic "Dungeonman 3" is unleashed on thy unwitting web. Get ye flask!

And finally in other news, go download some awesome live sessions from Broken Social Scene. Thanks to

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Taught Him Everything He Knows!

This one's for Gary. Central Middle School Band Room Flashbacks!

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All Booker, All The Time

Here's a fun "Slogan Generator." You can enter your name (or any word for that matter) and it will generate a genius ad-campaign-starting slogan for you to sell your wares and hock your cheaply produced consumerist crap, you greedy capitalists pigs.

In Other News, there's new styles available at the Neimans' Last Call Sale!

Do you ever wake up at like 2AM and find yourself unable to fall back asleep? So you turn on the Television and hope something will pique your interest long enough to fall back to dreamland and into the arms of Natalie Portman? Well last night at 2 am the Best thing on television was an old SNL rerun starring.. wait for it... Steven Segal. With musical guest Michael Bolton. I kid you not. In four minutes flat I grew to hate 1991.

I was worried that another "Ocean's" movie would be overkill. I've defended Ocean's 11 and 12 before and I'll do it again, but 13? Oh but wait! Because perhaps the fourth greatest actor of all time, Al Pacino, has apparently agreed to star in 13, so maybe it'll be worth it after all.

Also, Darling Erin will be on Craig Ferguson tonight so stay up or set your TiVo. And she's got a new website.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Doctor Doctor Give Me The News

NASA has been making a robot doctor to preform long distance procedures on Astronauts. Great. Give them sharp things and teach them how our fragile bodies work. That won't encourage the robot revolution or anything. C'MON!!

In Other Doctor News, You know how the school nurse has to ask you if your preagant? Well maybe she should ask if you have 12 nails in your head. Cause sometimes that's it. Via Buzzpatrol.

Doctor Tiki has a new TikiBarTv for us this week. Leagal Ease.

Speaking of, why don't doctors wear those reflector things on their heads anymore?

And finally, unrelated to doctors, which is sexier? One or Two?

Oh wait one more thing. Kind of related to doctors. In getting ready for the DHIGT this weekend: You're going to hate me. Beat a 29 suckas.

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Teaching English my foot. Now we know what Vic Hammer was doing for that year he spent in Korea....

Thanks to meltingdolls

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Friday, April 21, 2006

I Watch Too Much TV

I don't know how I missed this last week, but one of the greatest shows ever created for the medium of television, ALIAS, is now available on the iTunes. I'm pretty sure this is why the internet was created. I think Mylo Rambaldi foresaw that I would have an iPod. I won't discuss this week's spectacular triumphant return here in case any of my fellow Alias-ophiles haven't caught up their TiVo-ing yet, but holy crap! And did new hot spy girl get hotter? Yes. Yes she did. I'm totally psyched for the final five shows. Yes I know I'm a dork. Suck it.

In Abrams related news (kinda) Evie might be back on the list...

In other news, I found this site where you can watch episodes of The Andy Griffith show. "Do you ever watch the Andy Griffith Show? It doesn't matter." So right there on teh internets, pretty much my two favorite shows of all time. Andy and Jennifer. Doens't get much better than that.

In other news, this is the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Also, Natalie Portman.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Poll Wednesday

All this talk about new music has got me thiking about great concerts. The new poll (over there on the right) asks what was your favorite concert ever? For me it's probably a toss up between several, but I'm not sure anyone can top Harry Connick, Jr.
Instead of choices, I'm leaving it up to you. Put your artist or band in the 'other' field. Unless of course you think Styx was the best live show ever. In which case I pity you.

In Other News, JibJab has a new Joke Box feature where you can post all those jokes none of your friends laugh at to see if the joke really sucks or if your friends just don't like you.

And once again, Worry Free Vacations tempts me and Mr. AmEx.

End Transmission.

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Repetitive Much?

I mentioned last week two new developments in the celebrity chef and hot young jazz singer worlds and I'll de darned if another post of the same theme is required today.
First, if you at all like jazz singers like Jane Monheit or Erin Boheme or even Buble, you have to check out Sophie Milman. Her new album released this week is avilable in iTunes. She's combines a powerful voice with a hypnotic tone. Plus, she's like, crazy hot.

As loyal readers know, Jamie Oliver is one of my favorite personalities in the world. For his new project, a podcast, he's asking us to ask questions about difficulties in the kitchen and he'll answer our queries in the weekly podcast. I love this idea. Jamie's website has been on the forefront with a moblog et al. Gotta love the Naked Chef. To call his hotline and leave a message for Jamie to answer on his podcast, call +44 (0)207 043 8223 (that's in Central London, so be mindful of international calling rates)

In other news, when I started Booker Blog there were only probably six or seven other blogs in the interweb. Now, apparently, there's a new one every second. Thanks to Business2.0 Blog for the link.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

How Random is this Post

Well its Monday so you can't expect much from my muddled brains. Oh yeah, I've got two.

There'll be a new poll tomorrow. The last poll sparked a huge server bursting response with literally millions of readers logging on and BookerBlog was asked to take it down. The next poll will be about the effectiveness of sarcasm on blog readers.

Everybody join me in saying Welcome Home Vic Hammer! We'll get some updates soon and be sure to look for the announcement of the BookerBlog Reader Meet Up coming to Club820 sometime in the next few weeks where Vic will be our special guest and be available for a limited number of questions and autographs.

In other news, one of my favorite artists of this century, Jamie Cullum is playing at the Gypsy Tea Room, which is just a hop skip and a jump down the Interstate (yes sometimes I leave the BookerBlog World Headquarters) . Which will mark the first time one of Jamie's live shows has been within reach for the staff here at BookerBlog. Oh but wait, the show is the day I leave for Singapore. So crap. And as another swift kick to the grow-in, Jamie plays a show in Singapore a week after I leave!!! Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony...."

A treatiste on MySpace that pretty much sums it up. The Modern Age [via goldenfiddle]

Trees in cans. What will they think of next? Probably something worthwhile. [via uncrate]

In other news, I got one of these DLO Homedocks yesterday and it is freaking sweet. That's all.

Remember that time we talked about the Death Clock? Well if you're too busy getting stuff done before your great gettin up mornin to check a website constantly reminding you of your impending doom, now you wear your countdown on your wrist! Thanks to the best new site of the month, geekologie, for the heads up. And for holding my hair when I had to throw up at the club. If you're not reading this site daily, you're going to end up like the guys who doesn't get the inside jokes.

Speaking of former posts, remember when we discussed Darling Giada's new book?
Well I got it last week too and it's brilliant. Need proof? How's this picture for proof?
Boyakasha! Oh you got served naysayers!! Page 206 raise up!

In other news I like surfing. Watch this video to the end, the very last tube is wicked. Good thing this guy was wearing his death watch.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What am I Going to Do with a Freaking Bowl of Rocks

OK, so Blow Out has survived pretty much every other reality show on my TiVo list. The Apprentice hasn't been good in like two years and whatever happened to American Casino? And why hasn't Ninya called? But that's neither here nor there. Beside the occasional Dog, The Bounty Hunter, Jonathan is maybe the coolest cat on television. Except that loosing his cool seems to be what he's best at. See how I played with the words there? I have a certain mastery of the English language. But I digress. The best moment of this season may have come when Jonathan met with "*&^$% Scott from Zorbitt" to see packaging for his new shower water filter (which I'm totally buying by the way). Read his blog of that encounter here. By the way can someone who lives in a town with a Sephora please bring some dirt next time you come to town?

In other news, here's another great site that kind of combines Engadget and Uncrate. Giving it the potential to become the biggest threat to my credit cards since the Core Secrets Videos.
Here it is: Geekologie
Thanks to the Super Sexy Superficial for the link to this new site and for providing a video of Paris Hilton "singning" to Hugh Heffner that will no doubt haunt my dreams for a thousand years.

Finally susqecentenialsweetness. (Flipping off rainbows on the wings of an email. New Sbemail)

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New Music/Poll/Friends Tuesday

Why is it that most of the new music at the iTMS on new music Tuesday isn't listed until like Thursday? Of no consequence, because the best thing to come out this week is Uncle L's new album, the actually self-titled Todd Smith. With the sickness we haven't seen in a while, LL comes with it on this one. Who else has been around for this long? Rap pop rock or otherwsie? I mean Going Back to Cali came out in 1989! That's staying power like no one ever thought a hip-hop artist could have. Anyway go buy it.

In other news the citizens of the world have spoken and seem to tell me it's OK for a straight man to go tanning, with a resounding 67% in the yes camp, and 17% in the maybe. So suck it. I'm going taning. And according to the internet, I can still retain my nearly overwhelming manliness. The new poll is being generated as I type and I'll update here later today. Or tomorrow.
**UPDATE**The new poll is up and live. As you probably know by now, EPSN is reporting that OU has hired a new coach. Let the world knwo what you think over there on the right under the links.

Also, I realize I was practially the last person on the planet to get in on the action, but seriously, MySpace is out of control. It's like internet crack. Pure internet crack.

Also, the DHIGT has its own website. You can see the video or download the entry form. Check it out here. And yes I'm also the last one on the .Mac bandwagon, shut up.

In other news, BOO!!

Vic is coming home tomorrow, we'll have a full update with pictures and more in the next few days. As I preview, I can tell you he's been at the Guiness Brewery for like six days...

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Ninjas Will Make You Laugh. And Kill You.

I know I'm midly obsessed with these guys, but Ask A Ninja is the funniest vidcast on the whole of the World Wide Webs.
Alan Greespan skiing backwards down a blackhole made of Laffer curves. Price. Less.

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People Never Say Avast Anymore

Take this quiz if you're having a hard time coming up with your own pirate name. Heretofore I shall be known as Captain Davy Kidd. That's right! Captain!

My pirate name is:

Captain Davy Kidd

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from

And for the Pirate who likes to add a touch of class, The Skull and Bones Tie. [via Uncrate]

And speaking of ties, Bluefly now carries Hermes.

And speaking of Hermes, here's a cool myspace.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Above All Things

A very close second is a Ferrari.... hoo-ah!
Let me call your attention to two extraordinary women.
First there's Erin Boheme whose new CD What Love Is was released yesterday. Generally speaking I only like "standards" when performed by the originals, or Booker-approved new school crooners. Namely, me, Harry Connick, Michael Buble, and Champian.
Well make way for a new stamp of approval for this lovely young lady. She sings like a siren and half of the torch songs on this amazing album she co-wrote as well. And she sprinkles in some of the classics and owns them effortlessly. This is the entirety of the new "candle lit dinner" playlist on the Booker iPod. I dare you to listen to Make You Happy and not grab the first pretty girl that walks by and make like it's the slow dance at the end of the 8th grade Valentines banquet. Unfortunately for me it may be several days before I actually come into contact with a pretty girl, and I'm pretty sure I was stag at the 8th grade party, but I digress.
So in short, Internet, Erin. Erin, Internet. Now that you're acquainted, go buy this CD. Amazon. iTunes.

Extraordinary woman #2 is Nigella. Ms. Lawson should be credited (along with fellow UK Resident Jaime Oliver) with turning me on to the kitchen and the world of culinary delights some dozen years ago. Her original show was kind of hard to find here in the States, but there's great news from the good folks at Slashfood who report that Nigella is on the roster of new shows coming to the Food Network. Looks like I'm gonna need a bigger TiVo.

And lest you think I'm sexist, here's one extraordinary man to balance things out.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Whoa Nessie!

Vic Hammer is currently enjoying some Haggis in the only environment he's comfortably allowed to wear a skirt. Luckily for the rest of the planet, this legend among men has decided to tackle one of the greatest mysteries of all time like Booker tackled Seth Littrell that one time (Homecoming 96). Only even better. That's right, just up the road from The Royal and Ancient is a little Loch we like to call Loch Ness and a little creature we like to call The Monster. And Vic has vowed to bring him back where he belongs. Namely, Lake Thunderbird. Cause that place totally needs a monster. God Speed Vic Hammer.
Also for those of you who share my Scottish Heritage, Happy National Tartan Week.

In other news, it's New Poll Tuesday and this time round a debate that has raged for a thousand years. As we've discussed in the past, Metro is out. But a man still needs to look good. Especially a very egotistical man like Booker Daniels, who often refers to himself in the vainglorious third person. The question: Should a man go tanning? Stand up and let your vocie be heard around the bloggosphere on this critical question. Your advice will be heeded and $24 at At The Beach rides on your decision. The poll is over there at the right under the links.

UPDATE Pollmonkey is down with the flu. Keep checking back.

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Poll Position

Awesome Game.
Anyway this week's poll is closed and the results were...interesting. As I'm sure you remember, the poll asked readers to help me decide which movie star style I should adopt. The three way tie for first place went to Cary Grant, Our Generation's answer to Cary Grant(suck it. it's as close as we're gonna get), and a succesful write-in campaign for "70's Jumpsuit Elvis."
Other suggestions from the "other" category included:
Sloth from Goonies, Geisha outfit, Vic Hammer in Vic Does Amsterdam, and "The chick/dude from The Crying Game"

So thanks to all for your valuable input. As a result I've put together this new Booker Style Guide.
For a night out on the town, the timeless Jumpsuit.
For the sucsessful business man with the flair for style, the classic British Style.
And for the confused assasin, the Dior Spaghetti Strap Jersey Intarsia Dress with Godet Hem.

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Fine Dining

There are a number of great restaurants in the towne where I live. But every so often I like to try my hand in the kitchen. And when I do I invariably reach for a title in the vast library of cookery guides I hold. And by 'vast library' I mean the Naked Chef's book, Dave Lieberman's book, or Everyday Italian.
Well I'll be adding another title this week when Darling Giada releases Giada's Family Dinners. If you're looking for a great easy dinner, might I suggest the Lasagna Rolls, or Chicken Saltimbocca. These recipes and all of Giada's are available on the Food Network's website. So why buy the books? Lots. Of. Pictures.
Happy Cooking!

In other news, Metro is sooo 2003. According to MGD, guys like me are the "Evolved Entertainer" set. This coming from MGD. How gleefully ironic. (Or sarcastically-ironic?)

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Henry Gale from Minnesota

LOST fans (who saw this week's episode) click the photo for my full discussion, after the jump.

In other news, UNCRATE is still adept and picking out the best things I shouldn't spend my tax refund on but will. Including these speakers. And this ring.

Vic Hammer is enjoying Amsterdam and their loose regard for certain activities that might be considered taboo in our fair country. And he heads off for the final leg of the journey in the MotherLand, ready to enjoy some Scotch and Goff. By the way, spanking.

I'll once again beg your forgiveness for my blind loyalty to Apple, but this is great article on His Steveness' best quotes. [via buzzpatrol]

Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Spaced) is videoblogging the production of his new film Hot Fuzz. Check it out here. [via IWatchStuff]

OK SO LOST. What the heck is going on. Check this out for the map on the blast door clearly defined. This moment beat out Mr. Eko's encounter with th smoke as the most TiVo'd moment of the show. As you can see there's possible explanations for the Polar Bear and the layout of the Island. But what's with tea Latin and the equations? Notice that the square roots equal the first three numbers of the sequence.. 4 8 15... Also the layout is in the shape of the Dharma logo. And what's the deal with the supplies being dropped when the alarm went off? Also did you know that Henry Gale, the name of the dead guy buried in the jungle and the name the prisoner claimed is the name of Dorothy's Uncle in the Wizard of Oz. And remember that the "Wizard" came to Oz in a hot air balloon! Freaky freaky stuff.
ALSO That The Dharma Initiative Hanso Group is abbreviated D.I.H.G., which is almost EXACTLY like D.H.I.G.T.???????????? Coincedence? I THINK NOT!!!!

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Everybody That Thinks It's a Leprechaun Say "YEAH!"

I'm not really sure I can even come up with some sort of funny remak for this one.
Just, um. Here.

[via buzzpatrol]

In other news Natalie likes skulls as much as I do!
Click for larger image. [via egotastic]

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

False Advertising

I totally called this number last night (Suck it. I'm lonely) and Evangeline Lilly DID NOT ANSWER! In fact it was a fat guy named Steve. Of course he SAID his name was "Stephanie" and that "she" liked my voice, but I'm pretty sure I know a guy named Steve when I hear one.

Coupled with the fact that she's engaged to a hobbit, Evie might have just fallen off the list.
Thanks to The Superficial, who has a posting of "Lost Stars Before They Were on Lost" right here.

And now for a video that won't fill you with false hopes of happiness. Unless of course this movie sucks. But I'm optimistic. Hopefully the Steve Carrell cancels out the Greg Kinnear.
Little Miss Sunshine Trailer

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

There were horses and a man on fire and I killed a guy with a trident

Mockingbird Airbag has a great review of Red Monroe's shows at SXBSWXW this past weekend. And Blogger Guy still has that one post up from 1996.

Um. Are you serious? Someone give me 69 US Dollars. I heart Vegas.

In honor of the net exclusive scoop that DHIGT XXVIII has officially been set for April 29th, get all your official merchandise here!

A new Strong Bad Email. Sibilence. Sibilence.

Also the poll is halfway over and right now there is a tie between "George Clooney in Ocean's 11" "Cary Grant in Anything" and "Other." I feel I need to tell you the votes in the 'other' category are all for "'70's Jumpsuit Elvis." So for the love of all things Holy, some one vote for something else. Cause baby, no one wants to see that.

And for all you classical piano buffs out there these kids are simply amazing. The 5 Browns.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


To keep up with the times and the changing Web 2.0, we've made some exciting improvements here at BookerBlog. First and foremost you can sign up to be alerted whenever our expert team of writers updates this site. Just enter your email over there on the right above the links section or you can enter it here.

Enter your Email

Second you'll notice under this weeks poll my new Swiki search. What the heck is that you ask? "a Swicki is a customized search based on Yahoo's index that searches just those sites that you specify." [Thanks Business2.0] So basically you can search the Booker Blog and the expanded Booker Universe to find cool stuff. Another cool feature is that that word cloud around the search window changes to reflect what you the reader search for. Pretty cool, huh?

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Fun With Fitness

How many times have you been on the road in a strange city but having a flight out later that day find yourself with only enough time for one of the following: sightseeing or exercise? Well with my newfound focus on healthy healthier living, this is indeed quite a conundrum. What's the slightly overweight businessman on the go to do? Well if you're in Rome, you can get a hot lady tour guide to tell you all about the city whilst you go jogging. This may be the most brilliant thing I've ever heard of. With the Italian Fever the Olympics whipped up and the prospect of going jogging with a hot Italian woman who can tell me about the Colossevm, I may book my ticket today. Viva Italia! via [gridskipper]

In other news, the second greatest invention in the world of getting Booker less 'squeezable' and more 'cut your face on his jagged sculpted deltoid' is the Core Secrets system. Its a big ball and man it will totally get you cut. No, I haven't actually used this but I did watch the infomercial with Brooke Burke the other night and I did order it on the internet and it should be at BookerBlog World Headquarters in four to six weeks. Brooke has never steered me wrong in the past.

I'd post before and after shots of my progress but the before shots would make you weep and the after shots will make men so outraged with jealousy they may throw their computer monitors out of windows, injuring the townspeople below and cause women to totally make out with their screens. So it's best we avoid that.

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If Only it Were This Easy

Thanks to RC for the vid.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Vic Hammer's Eurpoean Vacation

Something tells me Beverly DeAngelo has nothing on Vic Hammer who is currently starring in the remake.
OK not really, but he is in Europe and has updated his photo albums. Scroll down to the bottom for the most recent updates from Moscow, Prague, and Germany.
My personal favorite:

Vic's Caption: Lenin was literally drunk

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Sometimes I Don't Get Inside Jokes

But this has got to be some sort of Hollywood inside thing. Right?
Of course I'm talking about Snakes on a Plane. (Scroll down for the mind-blowing trailer)
Snakes. On a plane. With Sam Jackson. This looks like on of those fake movie trailers they make for the MTV Movie Awards. And is that the guy from Goodburger/SNL? And according to imdb, "Samuel L. Jackson only signed on for this film because the title was "Snakes on a Plane". When the film makers tried to change it to "Flight 121", Jackson was adamant to keep it "Snakes on a Plane." So is going to be terrible?
OR is this going to be the greatest movie of all time?
History will be the judge, my friends.
via [iwatchstuff]
**UPDATE** Here's the trailer itself...

In other news. I. Love. This. Woman.
Nice Photograph after the jump.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Travel and Leisure

Speaking of New Poll Friday, it's today!
The last poll resulted in a three way tie between Europe, Vegas, and Other. And since other was more than one place it's a tie between Europe and Vegas, so the obvious choice for my Spring Break destination: Monte Carlo.

The New Poll, you ask? Well today I'm wearing a green shirt. But generally I like to have a bit of style in my repertoire to make up for my lack of "good looks" or "personality." And living as I do where style is what's new at Hollister, I turn to Hollywood for guidance. I think Frank summed it up nicely in the Sammy Cahn and Jimmy VanHeusen song Style from the classic Rat Package Robin and the Seven Hoods when he sang "Some people dress 'cause they like to get dressed, but you just dress to get and charm seem to go arm in arm."

So who (whom?) do I model my look after. This weeks poll asks that very question. Some of my favorite looks from some of my favorite movies and before you get started, I KNOW Ocean's 12 was self indulgent overacted tripe full of inside jokes and brash egotism. That's the POINT. So suck it.

Anyway, have a look at the pictures after the jump, hit up blockbuster over the rainy weekend and somebody please tell me what to wear.

Some Helpful Links:
Brad Pitt George Clooney Pierce Brosnan Brad Pitt (Mr. Smith) Clive Owen Cary Grant

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He fights Bob Wall in both...

Familiar with that listing of Chuck Norris facts that's been floating around the internets like so much flotsam and jetsom? Well so is Chuck. And to the surprise of everyone on the planet, he did NOT roundhouse the guys who wrote them in the face. Ah the mysteries of Norris. Here's the video.

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Driving out the Snakes of the Blogosphere

So the only thing I dislike more than wearing green (it doesn't suit me, let's just leave it at that) is hearing people all day say "You're not wearing any greeen." So I decided to succumb to the inevitable and capitulate. But what I do like is beer. And Irish Hazelnut Honey Biscuits.So it's a trade off.

In other news, The Ides of March came and went without incident so I guess that fortune teller owes me my twenty bucks back. Take that, Fate! Weekend Reading: Caesar's Gallic Commentaries. See, Ol' Julius was killed 1962 years ago this week. But before that, he beat up on some Celts, that later became the Irish, which begat St. Patrick and of course, green beer. It pretty much always comes back to beer.


It's Natalie Portman AND a MONKEY!

The only thing that could possibly make this better is if they were playing blackjack at the Mirage and the chimp was wearing a cowboy hat.
*UPDATE* More of this awesome series HERE

And the worst photograph ever taken? Well maybe its this one. Of my green shirt:

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